Bristol Myers Squibb

Helping the biopharmaceutical giant to bring their new identity to the world through a rigorously-teststed, modern approach to a website, and a design system for the whole organization.


product design

When Bristol Myers Squibb approached Siegel+Gale in 2019, they were looking to update their identity to reflect a more modern bio-pharmaceutical firm to mark their acquisition of Celgene. As part of this effort, in early 2020, we began working on applying that identity to digital touchpoints, a process which I led.

The redesigned site launched in fall 2020.

Reskin and strategy

Our initial discussions with BMS about their corporate website were shaped by timing: less than two months stood between that January date and the forthcoming March launch of the new brand.

We prepared a rapid reskin of, but we recognized that such a reskin wouldn't address some of the usability issues we saw. Built on Adobe Experience Manager, the site had last been redesigned in 2017, and prominently featured a unique (yet confusing) approach to site navigation, and generally cumbersome design. While we worked on the reskin, we collaborated with the clients to plan for a process to create a more comprehensive redesign of the site.

Testing and prototyping

To build the case for an alternative approach We conducted both formal and guerilla usability testing of the existing navigation, and advanced several concepts for the revised navigation. To conduct formal testing, because our design relied on several different states of open menus and submenus, we built a prototype using Framet. Testing found this approach to be significantly clearer to users (to say nothing with in line with the new brand identity). With findings in hand, we worked to get the stakeholder buy-in we needed to move forward with a change from the existing approach.

Extending the system

In fall, 2020, the new site launched, but we continued to partner with BMS on additional site features, and projects beyond the corporate site. Chief among these was helping BMS to operationalize the design system we'd begun developing during the course of our design efforts.

The thoroughly-documented design system enabled the deisgn work undertaken for the corporate sites to be applied to additional internal and external digital properties.