Baylor Scott & White Health

Rigorously-benchmarked and -tested interaction design, to help the hospital system face the challenges of increasingly consumer-focused healthcare experiences


product design
research and testing

Baylor Scott & White Health, one of Texas’ leading health care organizations, recognized that it was hard for their patients to find what they needed on their website. The existence of several legacy search functionalities—one for providers, one for medical conditions, one for locations, and one for general web search—forced site visitors to make early decisions about the kind of information they sought.

In a marketplace where traditional health care providers had to turn to B2C-like competitors, this onerous search experience posed a significant obstacle to increasing patient bookings.

An extensive series of user flows demonstrated all the potential options and outcomes.

To find a more effective solution, we benchmarked leading health care sites, and prototyped several different solutions for combined search experiences. Notably, we focused on specific elements of microcopy and metadata, to ensure that users understood what kinds of results they’d get from a given action, and that the results data would be able to support the necessary kinds of results.

For testing, we developed an extensive clickable prototype allowing exploration of several scenarios.

With prototypes in hand, we conducted usability testing with roughly 20 participants, and used the outcome from these sessions to inform our recommendations.

We conducted usabilty testing with roughly 20 participants, to ensure the accuracy of our findings.

BSW Health incorporated our recommendations in their homepage in mid 2019.