YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands

Client: YouTube

Agency: Huge

Challenge: Create an extensible framework for an existing document.

Insight: Because the Playbook’s subject is a suite of digital products and services that change frequently, content maintenance and extensibility emerged as a key concern.

YouTube’s B2B marketing team initially created the Creator Playbook for Brands as a print document. They tasked Huge with bringing the static document to life in a format that would showcase both the existing content, and allow the content to change as the subject product changed.

We designed the Playbook to accommodate additions with minimal effort from editors and business. Notable during the design process were our prototyping efforts, which used a Google Sheets-hosted content matrix as a lightweight back-end to display actual content in designs.


  • Content Audit
  • Content Model
  • Live Prototyping
  • Schema creation for new content types