Think with Google Creative Gallery

Client: Google

Agency: Huge

Challenge: Help Google showcase how technology continues to change the practice of advertising.

Insight: Compelling presentations of creative subject matter require active planning and curation, and the platforms to enable them.

Think with Google’s Creative Sandbox was originally conceived of as a platform for marketers to submit their best case studies for work featuring creative uses of technology. This reliance on user generated content prevented the storytelling from being as compelling as it could be.

When it came time to reimagine how Google would showcase the intersection of technology and marketing, we created a new experience centered around a discovery experience allowing for freedom to curate and arrange relevant content. In practice, this meant a shift from a rigid, feed-based page to a modular approach, designed to flex as designers and editors see fit.

In addition, we created new templates designed to let Google’s story of helping brands to find their potential with digital technologies shine.


  • Content Audit
  • Content Model
  • Schema creation for new content types
  • Asset Guidelines