My Verizon Mobile

Client: Verizon Wireless

Agency: AKQA

Challenge: Create a mobile app experience worthy of America’s #1 mobile network

When Verizon looked to revamp their plan offerings, they made the functionality of their mobile app central to those offerings. So important was their new My Verizion app to their strategy of offering higher quality services, the app itself was one of the subjects of press conferences and media buys surrounding the summer 2016 updates to the Verizon Plan benefits.

The redesigned app is intended as the primary point of contact for Verizon customers. As such, we developed a dynamic, card-based feed to greet users with the most relevant information about their account, as well as things they might not know to help them get the most out out of their service. To support users, we developed a chat-based UI.


  • Developing business rules and content strategy to allow for personalization of content cards in the app's feed feature. Creating a web-based prototype to demonstrate how different user data would display different feed cards.
  • Creating extensive FAQ's, decision trees, and user flows for the chat-based support experience.
  • Collaborating with Verizon IT to ensure proper implementation of features.